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11 December 2008 @ 07:48 am

Ok had to get that out ... I will be making a few crews before xmas ... but i just wanted to update this layout ...
27 October 2008 @ 01:46 pm
neko_chi_crews x neko_chi_crews x neko_chi_crews x neko_chi_crews x neko_chi_crews x neko_chi_crews
and finally the colors match on the header

GUH IM PROUD OF MYSELF ... and I don't even have my real photo shop XD ... ekgna'ogae he's so sexy ... And this is an announcement that I am CLOSING SOME OF THE *special blog crews, most have been open for MONTHS, so i decided that. And I'm letting members know that I WILL NOT be making a reserve post (unless they are personal friends), sorry, some people's fandoms change over time and sometimes people don't pick up claims (when there are other spots open), and Ill be honest it's easier on me. So that's that, I won't be making a new crew till after halloween (after October 31st).

11 July 2008 @ 09:47 pm

Only accepting communities/journals that offer blogcrews

My Affiliates
eternity_crews, aprettyeternity's CREW COMM &hearts!
ultimate_crews, moriharuuka's, blogcrew community!
hapticrews, belowonesky's blogcrew page community!
saranghajimayo, happyiris's community!
failcrew, tehaiko's community!
epicrews, modded by happyiris & massu89
pinkpop_crews, modded by colorfulkizuna
discobanana, modded by piernik_is_here & lenkaxchan
handsoff_claims, modded by dreamseizer
boxified, asianized_x's crew community
04 June 2008 @ 09:50 am
Here is a list of crews I have taken a claim in, at my journal

Crews that I have made (sorry some crews are closed), at jrock_blogcrews
04 June 2008 @ 08:03 am
Welcome to Neko-chi's crews ... this is just a directory of where I will host all blog crews of mine ... this is a main affiliate of jrock_blogcrews (run by yamisama and I). to keep a better track of my own crews I will be posting them here. I do have closed membership for now, I do not know if I will have it an open membership (is thinking about that), MEMBERSHIP IS OPEN.

If you do not know what a blog crew is, it's better off it stays that ways, they are VERY addicting!

What a blog crew/claiming crew is basically someone choses a subject they like and they have someone (usually famous) that you can claim.

I stole CLAIM HERE's boxers...and I'm not giving them back! XP
so you replace the "claim here" with the name of the person you claimed. then it will look like this:
I stole Keiichiro Koyama's boxers...and I'm not giving them back! XP

Most are just silly things and just something to pass time by, I don't think I've ran into anyone who takes them seriously. Blog crews are all in good fun and something to let a creative perverted mind keep at work, if that makes sense. And another note, blog crews are usually VERY BRIGHT & SPARKLEY, and usually contain images that may pertain to the crew itself.

Ok i have an issue with being a talk-bitch.
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